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Our Story

Reworked Studio was born in February 2021 and started with the transformation of men’s suits, which I had collected from time to time, into women’s sets. This included the processing of men’s blazers in two parts, blazer-skirt, in order to create a strong and feminine silhouette.

The whole project was born from the idea that there are so many clothes in the world and it’s unnecessary to buy new when we can find amazing vintage pieces everywhere and rework them into super unique outfits that no one else will have. With environmental changes also playing a big role in my own personal purchasing decisions, I decided to continue the idea of sustainability through Reworked Studio. At Reworked Studio we support an upcycling fashion industry and aim to extend the life of garments through careful sourcing and processing.By recycling our clothes, we support the circular economy, eliminate all waste, and devoting time, energy and thought to the reuse of each garment. We believe we can meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.
We hope you love the pieces we create and find something that makes you feel amazing and wear with pride all the time.
Thank you,Kallia from Reworked Studio x 
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